Supply Chain @ Seedworks

Supply Chain @ SeedWorks

The mission is to provide sufficient seed quantities and to make it available to our customers in India and SEA in the best possible quality on time every time

Seed Production and operations based right in the middle of the growing zone of Southern, Eastern and Western regions of India. This enables us to be able to work extremely closely with growers during the growing season to make sure every single phase of seed supply chain is well monitored, to ensure the highest quality product to the end user.

SeedWorks prides itself on producing and supplying the highest quality products, working alongside with world class seed processing infrastructure , international standard seed testing facilities and exporting to key Asian countries.

We have crop specialists and Agriculture Engineers available to manage seed supply (Stock seed, Parent seed, Production, Processing and distribution). Our processes, equipment, technologies, procedures and systems are globally standardized and integrated, to guarantee the best seed supply with quality to our customers at the local and transnational levels.

This is all done from our two major seed supply chain centres located in Hyderabad & Raipur and satellite production centres spread across 8 states.

Seed Production

Our seed production is spanned across India over 8 states, with a skilled and loyal grower base of 25000 growers. Our seed growers are of the best in their dedication and expertise and each specializes in the growing of specific seed crops. These farmers are able to deliver seed efficiently and consistently. They are the first link in our production process to provide seed of the highest quality with elite quality standards. Our selected group of seed growers base has grown over the past 10 years and share in the benefits of our production supply chain.

We have a team of crop specialists supporting our growers with technical advice concerning all aspects of production such as:

  • Selection of the best soil types and sowing times.
  • Seed to seed solutions – managing, organizing and monitoring crop techniques and procedures from planting through harvest and delivery i.e., right procedures for irrigation, fertilizing, integrated pest management, pollination as well as the correct methods for harvesting.
  • Production diversification allowing us to produce in most of the states in the best areas of India to safeguard our seed supply through risk mitigation.
  • Ensuring high standards of quality, these hybrid crops are grown on leased farms or contracted with experienced and trusted seed growers with Good Agriculture Practices.
  • Gathering of crop information by our production team and entering it into an integrated computer system through a mobile application on a regular basis. They also compile crop status reports, supplemented by digital photographs of all the production fields. Every production area is footed with information such as topographic and meteorological information, including: latitude, longitude and long-term weather data and yield prognostication and quality metrics.

Seed Processing & Packing

Hybrid Rice :

  • 3 plants located at Hyderabad and Chhattisgarh to reduce the gravity of operations
  • The per day capacity of the plants 180 MT per day
  • Equipped with State-of-the-art Cimbria & Petkus across all plants
  • Atomization through FFS Digitalized operations integrated to ERP and QR codes enabled for trace-ability and brand security

Cotton :

  • 2 centralized plants located at Hyderabad
  • The per day capacity of the plants 60000 pkt per day
  • Equipped with State-of-the-art Yamata & Ishida weigh heads, for accuracy and precision
  • Automization through FFS digitized operations integrated to ERP and QR codes enabled for trace-ability holographic enabled packing for anti-counterfeiting

Logistics & Distribution

We translate forecasted sales demand into a strategic supply plan prepared to efficiently utilize operational resources. The goal is to insure timely availability and delivery to our customers. This is accomplished via a coordinated crop approach with optimized put cycles.