Digital Transformation @ SeedWorks

SeedWorks’ Digital Vision

End to end digital SeedWorks by a sustained incremental vision

Striving to achieve by:

  • Creating and communicating a clear vision
  • Governance mechanisms,
  • Digital-ready culture

Our entire IT team strongly believes in governance and the mantra of incremental sustainability to ensure and assure investments in IT/DT, generate business value and to mitigate the risks that are associated with IT. Our people model is built to join hands together to serve SeedWorks with seamless service.

Our Transformation Journey:

With the evolution of technology, higher internet access to rural markets, cheaper data, storage and better infrastructure, the role of digital transformation has increasingly become more critical to the Agri-inputs industry. SeedWorks offers an array of IT and digital initiatives in the business to optimize cost, boost farmer profitability and enhance value chain efficiency. Utilizing emerging technologies, these IT and Digital initiatives have provided significant gains to the farmers, business partners and the organization. The IT and Digital initiatives have been successfully executed with good acceptance from all stakeholders across various areas including:

The multiple solutions implemented by IT/DT function in the digital inspection space enable critical observations for robust evaluation in the functions of Supply Chain, Product Development and Research & Development processes. Real time data is available with dashboards to check the progress of the trials. This tremendously helps our crops inspectors to visualize and assess crop health conditions at different levels of production.

Our digital apps are designed to engage with our customers, farmers, and other stakeholders effectively through Virtual Reality technology implemented and digitally automated Complaint Management System (CMS). Through our VR app, farmers get a 360-degree view of the Demo field and real-like virtual environment. It eliminates the dependencies on the traditional approach (time, crop season dependencies). Our CMS solution enables handling and routing customer complaints digitally that allows faster resolution of complaints with a better turnaround time.

Our vision in sales automation is helping SeedWorks to measure the efficacy of the marketing spends, better product positioning and lower the cost of consumer acquisition & retention along with a database of 5 Lakhs+ farmers.
Our Sales Order Automation app helps streamline the method of order capture and processing through a digital application integrated to the ERP. This helps to minimize risks and reduces lead time for order processing.
Our in-house channel loyalty initiatives attract, engage, and satisfies our retail universe with end-to-end traceability in the product movement throughout the distribution channel using bar codes. We aim to build thought-through solutions that can help brand mindshare, loyalty, and ultimately sales and conversions. The goal is to significantly impact the channel partners' growth by fortifying trust and customer delight.

Our crop phenotyping apps are designed to digitalize the process using mobile platform and application to reduce the need for several tasks to be completed like - predict the length & girth, seed count, processing images to extract features for agricultural crop improvement and data entry as well as to identify the characteristics of plants, leaves, stems, and fruit. These applications help with image-based processing and analytics for crop improvement.

One of the big initiatives in Seedworks that this traceability project increases the reliability and accuracy of the product information in the system, decreases the time lags between data capturing nodes, and helps track secondary/tertiary sales. The initiative helped in automating the factory processing such as packaging, dispatching, sales return and which in turn makes the vision of end-to-end digitization in the Seedworks processing plants and factories. All the seed packets (primary & secondary) of the organization are barcoded and are enabled for end-to-end traceability. Regular monitoring of the crop through customized reports and advanced analytics has helped SeedWorks reduce COGS, improve customer experience, and increase speed to value through adoption of disruptive technology, decision accuracy, and end-to-end visibility.

Across the globe, the practice of quality testing is still in evolution. This monotonous & manual work of identifying seed grain categorically is completely automated using AI and Image Processing. Our uniquely integrated Artificial Intelligent machine is performing the physical purity of paddy seed test where the seeds are classified into many differentiated varieties (ODVs), male seeds, Chaffy/Husk less seeds & inert matters. This initiative has led to decrease the time of testing from 30 mins to 1 min and increased the accuracy to 95%+. Our effort in faster delivery to the market has been fulfilled through AI technology in quality testing.

Our Infrastructure:

SeedWorks IT has built its structure to aim at zero downtime, low latency network, optimized and highly secured environment.

Cybersecurity A well-defined and exhaustive IT policy has been published covering important aspects such as Acceptable Use of Technology, Security, Disaster Recovery, Technology Standards, Network Set up & Documentation and IT Services. Not many SMEs are today focusing on cybersecurity, but SeedWorks has taken several initiatives on Cybersecurity such as VAPT, DLP, SIEM and SoC pilot implementation has been completed.

Decision Support System: DSS Dashboards are available for use through a dashboarding tool “Power-BI” app, which is accessible as a web application/mobile application on both Android and iOS. These dashboards will serve the purpose of "delivering the data and analytics" across the organization - securely in the right-way for business consumption that allows for greater visibility over the important business metrics with "cross-functional reporting" capabilities.

We are an ISO/IEC 27001:2013-ISMS Certified company