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US Agriseeds Prerak is our flagship program that connects “Progressive Farmer” to the farmer community. Prerak’ s mission is to educate and train the farmers beyond seed which can help in increasing their farm incomes. Selection of Prerak is done after an extensive evaluation to find a fellow farmer who is trained in best of the class agronomy practices as well as crop management techniques which he in turn shares with the fellow farmers helping them to maximize their yields thus farm sustainability. Prerak farmer is a critical bridge connecting customer voice with the company. This program aims at improving farm yields and income through capacity building of the farmer by fellow progressive farmers.

At SeedWorks our commitment is not just to deliver seed but deliver an effortless experience for our customers, while guiding the way with innovative products and services that makes agriculture sustainable. We are here to help and support farmers, empowering them with the best of seeds and technology


The field day is an excellent platform to showcase the product features to all stakeholders. SeedWorks VC optioned to present Okra field to our stakeholders via a virtual field day lieu of our traditional in-person field day. Virtual live field day for Okra hybrid SW 008 was organized on 17th October via eSampark platform of SeedWorks.

We invited the stakeholders for field day through an IVR call, followed by a message with link to join the field day. 53 farmers and 1 retailer joined with us on 17th October via eSampark App and weblink for this magnificent experience. 

The field day was conducted in the field of Mr. Sudama Patil, farmer from Nipanya village of Indore district, Madhya Pradesh. He has cultivated SeedWorks Okra hybrids in 3 acres of land, he majorly cultivated SW 008 along with demo of SW 012 and SW 017. Mr. Sudama Patil shared his experience on cultivating SW 008, he mentioned about the commendable quality of SW 008 Okra fruit, which helped him to earn more profit. The field was on 26th picking stage, he harvested 200 Q in 26 harvests from 3 acre of land. The high quality of Okra fruit attracted Big basket and they are collecting fruits directly from the field at a price of Rs.25/ kg despite of prevailing Okra price of Rs.20/kg in the market.

Fruit quality, yield, easy picking, less inter-node distance, and more branching of SW 008 was showcased to all stakeholders. The farmers also sown demo of SeedWorks new launched Okra hybrids SW 012 and SW 017; these plots were also showcased to audience. The platform allowed all the participants to ask questions via messages and all the queries were cleared on time.