Sundar Raja Vadlamani

Sundar Raja Vadlamani

President - Suppy Chain

Raja V S is a graduate in Agriculture by training & Alumni of Institute of Agriculture Sciences, Banaras Hindu University and Asian Institute of Management, Manila, Philippines.

His association with seed industry is 30+ years with various multinationals before Joining SeedWorks family in 2007. He has been the first team member of supply chain when SeedWorks has entered in to Field crops space as a start-up. His differentiating contributions are

  • Establishing the production of challenging product lines by Diversification of production geographies across 9 states and executing processing infrastructure from concept to commencement across two states by bringing in the highly benchmarked Operational Excellency.
  • He is instrumental in bringing the Lean initiatives and Established Total Quality (Error proofing) as the heart line of all the value streams.
  • Led the digitalization of operations a way forward such as Geo fencing, bringing in Image analytics, digitalized Field inspections, QR codes for plant operations, and mobile application for field inspections and now the entire Supply chain is on Digital platform, which is visible to all stake holders and ERP enabled. Leading the Business Analytics in SCM by bringing in yield Algorithms for Prognostication. Instrumental in the architecture of -AAA- (Analytics, Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence) to increase the throughput with these initiatives. Result: Paradigm shift from Subjective to data driven decisions.
  • Leading the GAP (Good agriculture practices) initiatives.
  • Designed and led “in touch in Tune” programs to all the stake holders of SCM including the grower partners in embracing the change and updating with latest technologies through various continuous training programs
  • Pioneered bringing in new packing methodologies such as hermetic packing system, thereby increasing the shelf life of seeds.

He is a passionate blogger about Agriculture and Seed Industry on social Media and guest speaker in various forums.